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Good... But needs more

This game PAKO 2 is a GREAT game with all the cars and maps it is totally awesome. But the thing is, is that we need more guns, cars, and maybe a new map. I think that because after you get all the good cars and maps what’s the purpose? Just keep doing the same thing over and over again for nothing? PAKO 2 great game just needs more stuff!

Fix it fix it fix it.

This game was cool untill I bought the freakbus. Now every time I try to play the game crashes 😑😑😑

Incredible Game.

Easy controls. Beautiful visuals. Great replayability. Absolutely love this game.

No Support - Game Crashes

Got the game not too long ago for my iPhone 7+ and after purchasing my first vehicle, the Freakbus, and selecting a map, the game crashes. There is no avoiding it. There is also no Contact Support option within the game and a support option can only be found when rating the app. The email is in a nondescript location. I'm assuming to avoid the barrage of emails and a responsibility to fix a game that has been paid for.

Nothing but app crashing when trying to use Freakbus.

Don’t waste your money on freakbus. Crashes the game.

Bug with Freakbus

I purchased the Freakbus as my first paid vehicle, and the app crashes when I try to play any level with it. Please help! Otherwise a really fun game

Bug in game

Great game but I purchased the freakbus and every time I try to use it on the first level my game crashes. Any help?

Some vehicles crash the game

It’s a really fun game except for that every time I try to use the freak bus the game crashes.

Slight Bug

Love Pako so I immediately purchase PAKO 2. The big problem with this game is that it does not retain the purchases for later use. I buy new vehicles or additional levels and they go away the next time I play a game. Hope this helps Matt J.

Like smashy road but better

I’ve been playing the game for about 2 hours now, and I have to say, its pretty fun. Its challenging enough that its actually hard to fully pass even the first level. The controls are hard at first, but you can pick them up fairly quickly. There are around 25 different vehicles, and there are different weapons, speeds and health for the different cars. The thing is though, that the pricing doesn't make much sense. For ex., the bird is strictly better than the french, but its cheaper. The vehicles and weapons could also be a little more varied. It would be great if a dev reading this would add abilities, weights, or more weapons to make the cars a little more different. The maps are well designed, and as you play through them, you can start to memorize the layout. In general, nothing bad to say about the maps/levels. For bugs, i havent been playing that long, and i noticed that you cant use freakbus on the first two levels. Thats pretty annoying, since the car costed about 53,000$, and im playing on a iphone7. In general, a good game that could ise some rebalancing, bug fixes, and updates.

Crashing after purchasing the Freakbus

I was enjoying the game, but after purchasing the Freakbus and selecting the Devil’s Plains, the app crashes every time.


After I bought a car with the mini gun every time I tried to play it it didn’t play it just went back to the home screen, so plz fix this I shall probably not play it for a long time, and here’s the stats for the car, hp: 5 speed: 3 gun: mini gun

Found a bug

Using the freakbus on the second level causes it to crash. But it's a fun game.


Purchases the freakbus, but it crashes Everytime I select it to play. Kinda frustrating

Good but found a bug

I was playing a lot and When I found out that the freakbus is broke I can’t use it in maps it shows me the controls and I skip and the app closes please fix this


I just bought the freakbus but can’t play with it bc the game crashes when I want to use it :(

Love the game but has some small bugs.

The game is one of the funniest games I have played but I have noticed a few bugs. Such as when trying to use the Freakbus on Misty fields my game crashes each time. Other than that it is a great game.


Bought the freak bus and the app closes when starting a new game. Thoughts?

Freakbus crashes the game upon starting a level

After the level loads, game crashes as soon as I touch. On iphone X.

It’s okay.

The first Pako Car Chase was my all time favorite game! I loved the variety of maps, cars, color options for the cars, and the option to drive in First Person or Third. I deleted tho old one, since it’s no longer dated, and installed this one to replace the first. This game seems to be lacking most of the features I enjoyed the most from the first one. It didn’t last long on my home screen.

Love it

Took a while for PAKO 2 to grow on me but now I love it. Kind of reminds me of a light Smugglers Run.

Freakbus Fail

The Freakbus causes the app to crash. Please fix.

One of My favorite games!

I remember playing PAKO Car Chase (the first one) and had a blast with the amount of new cars I could drive. After a while I deleted it due to it being out of date. But when I saw this in the AppStore a while back, I immediately downloaded it and wasn’t disappointed. It gets frequent updates which is very nice, and the variety of vehicles is quite nice, along with the maps. I really liked how in this game instead of the “avoid obstacles and stay alive” it’s set a health bar and you can take out cops and grab cash. Long story short this game is super fun.


Freakbus causes the app to crash :-(

Excellent fun

I like the style, the variety of locations and cars. It really is a “just one more time” type of game. What’s better than PAKO 1 is that cars have health and aren’t finished after one hit. Some cars take more damage than others just as some are faster than others. You even get random perks after completing missions. A very good game for very little money. Right on!

You guys really need to listen to the reviews.

Don’t get me wrong, it could be a great game. But the devs seem to ignore the current problems in the game. As of my experience - I’ll start with the smallest bugs. The Freak Bus crashes the game, cash well spent. - Map has places were it registers a pit were there isn’t (E.X. The corner near Thirsty Camel). - The game is too difficult to the point of unplayability, I can barely reach 9 stops with the Road King on Devil’s Plains. I see that this level of difficulty is new and several people have complained about it. What really bothered me was when one reviewer said that completing a level was almost impossible. The fact that they used the word “level” implied passibility. It really changed what I thought of the game. I never saw the game as completable, and the fact that that was the purpose of the game really angered me. Anyways, the game looks great for what it is. Spectacular game, almost. If the devs would only listen and change these things I would be happily inclined to change my review.

Very bugged

Game was fun when I first started playing it but at one point when I would start up the game and get to the loading screen after selecting a map the game would load then instantly crash. I restarted my phone, uninstalled then reinstalled the game but nothing worked and now I can’t play. I payed however much this game costs it should at least work when I try to use it.

So awesome!:)

I love this game it’s super fun it’s also super challenging so if you don’t like a challenge it’s not for you but you should give it a try again it’s super fun

Freak bus is bugged

I select it and try to race but the game crashes every time. iPhone X

Best 2 dollars I’ve ever spent

Personally the game is easy to play and fun. Has a lot of replay-ability. Still playing for months and months. The developer has passion for this game and still gives new content and updates. Very nice game overall.

Worth every cent.

Very fun and entertaining, and a for sure improvement from Pako 1.

Just a few suggestions (Dev please read)

I love this game overall. It’s quite addicting and keeps me occupied. I do have a few suggestions/complaints though. I think this game is too easy when it comes to buying cars. I got the best car in the game within a day of playing the game. I also think this game needs more cops. Different cars, like swat or something. Maybe they could make a roadblock, even.

Battery problem

Amazing game, but there is a battery problem. Every time i opren the app, it takes 50% battery.

This game is awful

Don’t not buy this game, I want a refund because it is so bad

Good game but

The graphics are a little choppy and I have an iPhone X I just wish the graphics were better

Needs complete rebalance

It’s amazing fun to play, it’s cute and the sound track is great but the game balance is wrong. U can grind all credits and get all cars and maps unlock in very little time. But for some reason you won’t start with the easiest car or even the easiest map. And even with the easiest of them, the game is way too hard, and it is impossible to finish any map. It really makes no sense. Also, if there were lot more destructibles things, it would be even more fun.


Game crashed right as I ended a 100k run. Still only had the first 2 cars so big bummer

Should add the 3rd person view from PAKO 1

I liked the 2 views from Pako 1


Looks cool. I was bored after 5 minutes of playing.


This game as so much potential, I love PAKO & PAKO 2. But please add upgrades to the mobile version of PAKO 2, the PC version is way better than the mobile, why not make them equal? I am not against you, I just think this game would reach the top 3 (also congrats for making the top 10) if it was like the PC version. PAKO is a legend!!! Thanks for reading & keep on making more of your wonderful PAKO games!!!!! Sincerely, The person who bought both PAKO games, #PAKO. Thanks TMG

Not that good

Mechanics and graphics are cool. Beyond that the game falls well short. Maps are overly simplified, no concept of progressive advancement though the game. Vehicles are way too easy to unlock and lack any sense in organization (Muscle from the first row is much better than most, costing significantly less). I’d avoid this, not worth it after the game loses momentum a few turns in

A fantastic love letter to the first GTA games

Wonderful arcade gameplay, great soundtrack, definite must-play

Very fun, needs some updates

The game is very very fun, and I enjoy it a lot, there are just a few things I’d really like to see changed. -Increase the radius in which your gun will fire at cops I’d like to see the area around your car that activates your gun increased on most guns. I can see the short range making sense on the Shotgun / Grenade, but with guns like the Pistol, Heavy Pistol, SMG, and Minigun, the range needs to be greater. I’ve had countless runs ended due to my gun not activating until I have 10 cops LITERALLY on top of me. -Balance the Health / Speed / Gun mechanic There are too many cars that don’t make sense to buy. A good example is Bonnie; 3 Health, 1 Speed, and an SMG. It’s a worse version of the Buggy!! -Make it worth it to buy the different cars Give the different cars different abilities or something, find some other way to distinguish between them. There are many examples of “There’s 2 cars w/ the exact same stats + gun, but they look different” give me incentive to buy the Leguan over the Muscle ! It just doesn’t make sense. That’s all I have time for, so I hope the devs see this and take it into account / consideration. If you’re a dev reading this, hi! I love your game, I just have a few things I think need changing. TLDR; Increase gun radius on some guns, Balance the Health / Speed / Gun mechanic, and Make it worth it to buy the different cars


I think this game is very addictive but the graphics need some work over all a good game

Great Game. Needs some improvements.

I enjoy this game a lot. However, I think you should make it so you can customize your car: paint, performance, gun, etc. also, I would want another gun like maybe a rocket launcher or something. I would also bring back first person view from the original PAKO. Apart from that, I like this game an absolute ton and it is very addicting.

Good, graphics are disappointing

The game is fun, but the graphics and features are disappointing compared to the PC version. I expected mods and custom selected weapons, instead, I got presets. I expected the polygonal graphics, instead, I got low quality, difficult to see retro pixel graphics. All in all good game, disappointing though.

Great time waster.

Pretty cool game. Never played the first one but bought the second on an impulse after reading Android Police's review. Love the handling and physics of the cars, objectives make the game fun, the perks after the heists are nice, and lots of levels and vehicles for just being released. Please bring motorcycles and "Pakolypse" from the first game! Would make the game so much more enjoyable than it already is. Also, the website says you can upgrade vehicles and guns, but I don't think those options are implemented in the game at the moment. A timer between heists would be cool too. Especially for speed runs.

Awesome, please read!

It’s good! Add a third and maybe even a first person!

A suggestion

I think you should add that 3rd person option like in the first one

Pako is much better

It’s alright if you like stuff like this but the original is much, much better. These guys will keep on adding stuff so it may grow into something but for now I’ll stick with the original. BTW, I play on my iPad Pro which has a pretty large screen. I’ve never played on my iPhone.

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