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Need more Customization

Allow us to color our cars and maybe add simple mods. Variety is bland despite the many cars, mainly due to a large amount of the available cars being downgrades to others. More customixation please.

It’s fun

I love the game so far it is nice clean and art is pretty. The one thing I wish this game had was like a paint job for cars then I would give it a five stars.

1 hour of gameplay?

This game was okay at first. It had everything I expected of an App Store game. But I got every single car and map in about 1-3 hours of gameplay. Please add for to the game!!!

Need to bring third person back

This second version of PAKO is extremely enjoyable. But I wish you had brought third person to the second version. Where as the over head view is fun. Third person really gave the driver a more dramatic feel and more inclusion into the map. Bring third person and I’ll rate this 5 stars

Much better

Through hard work the developers have made what used to be a crippling problem a minor annoyance. The lag is still there but it is short and more uncommon. Still occasionally drops frames to PowerPoint levels but they are getting there

1-2 days of fun

Fun game for a couple days but it loses momentum and replay value pretty quickly. The different maps are cool and seem to each be a different geographic region of the country (desert, snow, city etc.) It would be nice if they offered an in game map (on the pause screen) so you could learn locations/layout a bit better. The different vehicles are fun but you cannot customize weaponry, colors and there are no upgrades for each vehicle. They are all far too easy to unlock as well. I had the strongest vehicle in the game after just a few hours of play time. Overall it’s a good game if you need to entertain yourself for a couple days. After that there’s not much bringing me back to play.


Very enjoyable, however the Roadking runs out of grenades randomly on certain maps, causing me to be a minivan with no weapons. I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for this glitch

A Complete Waste of Time

I have been gaming on various platforms for over 30 years and this is probably one of the worst games I ever played. It’s mind numbingly repetitive. There is not a lot of content and to compensate for that the developers have made the game unnecessarily difficult to extend gameplay hours. I guess the idea is that the longer you play the same crappy level over and over again, the happier you will feel about the $1.99 you shelled out. The number of cars they have in the game makes little or no difference in gameplay. It would have the same playability with only four or five cars. Maps beyond the first only add to your frustration level as they add complexity without increasing enjoyment.

Laggy fun

Very fun game, but can get very laggy on iPad mini 2. Lowering my review to one star after this latest update. The graphics now look straight out of 1990 on my mini 2. Sure it runs better, but who cares if it looks like garbage.


The game is fun but I can’t play it because of the lag. It’s ridiculous how much there is because it’s not a big game at all. I would have rated 5 stars if there wasn’t this ridiculous amount of lag.

Awesome but works terribly

There needs to be a considerable amount of bug fixes for older iPhone models. I have an iPhone 6 and the game does nothing but lag. It seems so fun and I really want to get my money’s worth but it’s really frustrating


Constantly crashes. Very frustrating because it’s otherwise pretty fun

Runs like crap

Never have I ever had an app that I paid for run so poorly. This buggy lag and freezing makes the game unplayable. I honestly want a refund man.

Fun game but laggy

It’s a pretty fun game but it’s laggy and sometime crashes


fun game but needs better camera angles or views u get lost behind buildings cause the camera view but besides that it’s very enjoyable ....add more cars n more levels and make houses destructible, i had it for a week and im maxed out on levels n cars instead of invisible barriers add a looping highway or something so u don’t automatically turn around n get pummeled by cop cars ...keep up the good work guys

Great game is it ruining my phone?

Great game. Definitely better than the first with the added incentives.. but I have an iPhone X and it gets extremely hot when I play the game. Any chance that I’m doing damage? Hope not

Fun game, but unstable

This game is fun and pretty addicting, and the lack of ads makes it awesome. However, the game occasionally shuts down resulting in a loss of all money earned on that mission. I had a game going until level 13, and it just shut off. Fix the issues please

Super fun!

But it keeps crashing on me a lot, just wanted y’all to know so it can be fixed soon!

Idk if it’s good because I lag so bad

Plz read this I loved the first one it didn’t lag like crazy and I don’t even know if the second one is that good because I lag so bad why don’t u guys Make it were u can lower the graphics because I blow up right when I get heat so yea

Not as good as PAKO 1

This game overcomplicates the idea of pako 1. The first game was simple, relaxing yet stimulating, and good style. The shooting aspect of this game is stupid and destroys the fun of evading cars at any cost and the same comment can be made on the multiple lives. It’s an okay game but I loved the last one.


I have been playing their game for years now and I cannot wait to play their 2nd game. I'm so stoked that it came out on the phone. Absolutely recommend this game.

Very good

Only had this game for about a day, definitely worth the money. Never played the pc game. I feel the only thing holding the mobile game back is the fact that there are no upgrades - once you buy a vehicle, that’s it. If you buy all the vehicles, there’s no more point in getting money anymore, as there’s nothing left to spend it on

Loads of fun

This game could have easily been freemium, but I’m so glad it isn’t. It feels wonderful to play a game without dreading hitting that point where – you know what I’m talking about – the game begins pushing you to either pay up or grind it for hours to continue. Here, that “pay to play” ceiling really isn’t there. Just good fun and rewards that are within reach. Also: the game mechanics themselves are great. Very enjoyable game.


Fire game jus want to be able to hop out the whip or have a switch vehicle station in game or sumn

you can’t play music while playing 😥

awesome game but it doesn’t allow you to play your own music in the background while playing the game....

Amazing game, needs more

This is a really really amazing game. The graphics are stunning, and the maps are huge and really fun. The gameplay is also really fun. This game definitely needs more maps and more cars. It is also to easy. I have had this game for less than a week and have already unlocked all the maps and all of the cars. I also wish there were achievements, and a story mode would be really fun. This is a great game, but it needs more to do.

Good game

I love this game so much, the previous one was so much fun I played it for hours and when the new camera was implemented it took a whole new turn on the game. And PAKO 2 would be that much more incredible if a chase cam was implemented. Besides that, this game is top notch

Not worth the price

1.99 is to much for this game if it was .99 that is worth it, it lags alot and has glitchs. Wish I can get money back

Awesome fun - perfect sequel

Only lost a star because it's been crashing - really frustrating when you're on a mission streak! All progress for a run is lost if the game crashes. Really is great though. Has the same spirit as the original with a great new spin on the car chase formula. Worth $2, don't even hesitate.

Overheats and laggy

On iPhone6 (recommended device as stated in description) is laggy and overheats my device. Man, wasted my money. New update? Optimizations? Oh my god 😃 The game is...STILL LAGGY!

Can't put it down

I've been addicted to this game for about a week now. Love that the different cars and maps actually change the way the game is played and present their own challenges. Game manages to stay smooth on my 6S but it absolutely devours my battery. I subtracted 1 star for needing to stay near a charger when I play. But then I added 1 star for being a game with no ads and no IAP.


I love this game. Great graphics, fun gameplay, lots of action without over-complication. It makes a nice quick and fun mobile game. My one critique would be to change the whereabouts of the boost button. On the iPhone X, it is on the bottom center of the screen, directly under where you swipe home. It’s not very convenient, so adding some way to change the location of that button would be much more playable. Fix that and this game would be a 5/5 stars for sure...

Better camera angle

Your needs to be an option where you can change it to first person or far view

Great but has a crashing problem

This game is outstanding but until they can fix the crashing problem (and I’m not talking about the cars) I can’t rate it higher than 3 stars. Nothing as disappointing as racking up thousands of points and then having the game crash on you before they save :(

Great game but needs multiplayer mode

I actually like this game. It’s great. But please add multiplayer and free roam. I want multiplayer because you can play with friends. I gave this a five star because of the gameplay

It’s overall good but the lag

I like the game but the lag on iPhone 6 Plus is horrible

wonderful game


Could be better

Framerate kinda laggy on the iPad pro 9.7inch but fun nonetheless. Still would like that framerate fixed...

Cool game

I have played this game for a bit over an hour and I can say that I am impressed. The nice simple controls feel great and I really enjoy the concept. The game has crashed on me once (I am using an IPad Pro) so on lower end devices the gameplay might be a bit laggier. Can’t wait for updates! Definitely a good buy

Really Good

It’s a really fun game. Fairly addictive. But if you back up to the edge of the map, you can climb up the invisible wall and get out of the map. I haven’t encountered any other bugs than this. Definitely worth the money.


This game is amazing and has the perfect mixture of action and arcade racing. There’s really nothing I have to complain about, it’s so great. HOWEVER, I do have 1 request though. What would make this game 10 times better would be if you did pass an update where you could play your own music, like from apps like Spotify or just your own music from your phone, and allow that music to be played while in the app. It would be absolutely AMAZING if this app had that added on to it. But otherwise this is a great game and there’s no reason not to buy it.

This is a Blast!

Endless havoc. So hard to put down. It’s not deep, but it’s a riot. 2 bucks is a steal. No adds, no B.S. Just good times. And this developer has a history of constant updates, additions, and improvements. Great value.

Amazing but needs more.

I love this game, I played the first PAKO a while ago and unlocked mostly everything available. I found this and instantly wanted it. It has cool arcade type graphics. The style is great. But it needs much more, I wish there would be a free roam like the airport on the older one. Where you are actually a character. It’d make it even more fantastic.




I have an iPhone se. It can download but the game won’t run smoothly and feels like its rubber banding, might be because of the older device. But i see no other issues.

After years...

After many years a sequel is finally out, I've been waiting and boy is it yummy


So much yes. I loved the first game, and this one is just that much better. It’s driven towards a focus and I totally approve. Way to go guys... idk how you were able to do on iOS for $2... amazing. Currently I hold 2 world records too so just uh.. puttin that out there😛😋. (The first level and the one with the valley or whatever... I don’t pay attention to the names)

Very Neat Premium Game, But Super Laggy

I owned the original PAKO: Car Chase Simulator game, but to be honest I didn't play it for very long. I found it entertaining but quite tough to survive at all. Still, I thought I would give this sequel a go. Especially because I'm always super motivated to support honest developers who offer premium games without the underhanded, manipulative and unethical scourge known as in-app purchases present in their games. Supporting these types of developers and companies is worth it alone in my opinion. Even if the game never works properly for me, I still have a certain amount of contentment knowing I'm supporting game makers who aren't unethical fiends, so that's a big plus in my book. But, I'm experiencing some severe quality issues with PAKO 2 on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 11.2.5, in the form of terrible lag. And "lagging" seems to be the best descriptor to use to describe what is going on when I try to play. I've only loaded the first map, Devil's Plains, using the sedan. And everything in the game is just stuttering along at a severely slow rate while I attempt to evade the overzealous LEOs. The lagging becomes so bad that it often just freezes the title outright for a few seconds and then jumps back into the terribly slowed down gameplay. I do hope and ask please that the developer would look into bugs or quality issues in regards to me playing PAKO 2 on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 11.2.5 please, thank you. I do not have any other programs active in the background as I play. I made sure to cancel out everything before I started the game. Though, I will try to do a normal reboot of my iPhone 6 Plus and see if that alleviates the problems. I might also just delete and reinstall the video game. If either of those things fixes the issue I'll make sure to quickly update my review and rating accordingly. Thanks and God bless.


This game is so fun and totally worth the price. I think that there should be maybe more game options but other than that great game.

Fun, plain and simple

Few games now adays especially on mobile succeed at being fun. Pako captures the feeling of a classic arcade cabinet game right on your phone. Theirs a few bugs here and there with cliffs and holes, but nothing to make you want to put the game down. I’d rate 5 stars if they didn’t cut the customization that’s on pc fr the mobile version.

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